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What this subscription brings to you? Read following...

  • Use pipe flow calculations software as a services on this web site's calculator pages - web calculators. Access calculator from the top menu bar.
  • Download and sign in to pipe flow calculator as stand alone Java web start desktop pipe flow calculator. Download pipe flow calculator at
By subscribing you are directly supporting this project. I am very thankful for all of you that subscribe and show your appreciation of my work through selecting one of subscription plans.
You can select one of three available subscription plans. Select the plan that you think will be the most cost-effective for your job. With flexible term lengths, you can get exactly the service you need for as long as you need it. With one subscription plan you can use calculator at your work, at your home or when traveling.

Flexible term lengths

With 3-day subscription plan you can try full service without making big up-front investment. Once you see that full service meets your needs, continue with monthly subscription. When you find that full service becomes your every day routine select annual subscription and save big on low cost/long term subscription plan.

Subscription benefits

Even without subscription you can use web calculators on this web site - enter values, change units of measure and get correct calculation results. But, when you do subscribe, you have instant access to all available services:
In web calculators:
  • one-click unit system change
  • send calculation results to your email
  • create, copy and paste calculation results
  • select standard ANSI B 36.10 pipe for calculation
  • extend calculator area by removing ads (available upon your request and my manual approval)
Subscribers can download and log in to Java web start desktop pipe flow calculator. Application includes 16 different calculators for every day flow problems solving, with more to come. This calculator requires Java run time environment, version 1.8+ installed on your desktop/laptop. Download pipe flow calculator.

System requirements

Internet connection is required for any calculator to work. For web calculators that are working within your web browser, java script is required. For Java WebStart downloaded calculator, Java run time environment, version 1.8+ is required to be installed on your desktop/laptop. Calculators can work on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris.

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Your subscription will not automatically renew and you will not be charged recursively. Once your subscription expires, you will have to renew it manually.

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You can request to be refunded for any subscription plan. For annual subscription plan, please send me your request within 30 days from purchase. After receiving your refund request I will respond you within reasonable time.

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At this moment you can pay and have immediate access to calculators using PayPal or using 2Checkout payment processing service. If you prefer other kind of payment, please contact me and I will respond in shortest possible time, but you will have to be patient as the whole process of other payment option can take some time.

Detailed service agreement

Read more about service terms for calculators on this web site at Software as a service agreement page.