About this web site and calculators

This web site is designed for simplified resolution of less and medium complex fluid mechanics problems, primarily in the part of fluid motion and fluid dynamics.

Large number of calculators, solved practical examples, theoretical explanation with corresponding equations allow finding correct approach to solving practical problems which we meet in every day practical work.

Web site is created and edited by Mechanical engineer for hydro-pneumatic technique with more than 15 years of engineering experience in the field of pipeline transport, metering and regulating of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons, water and air, so usefulness of web site content is provided and guaranteed by the fact that the creator is the user at the same time.

The first calculator – Venturi tube calculator was created and published on the 1st Aug 2000. on free domain (flow.netfirms.com), which is no longer active. Since than, additional 17 calculators – Java applets for desktop computers were created (pipeflowcalculations.com) as well as 3 calculators for Android devices.

Due to exclusion of plug-ins from modern web browsers, applet calculators have become unavailable for majority of users. To overcome the problem I have started, in summer of 2015, with redesign of calculators from Java applets to server side web applications. All calculators that you find on this web site (pipeflowcalculations.net) are result of that redesign.

Further development of new and improvement of existing calculators, as well as new content adding are part of the vision that this web site will become and stay default place where practical problems in the field of fluid mechanics will be solved on the simple and correct way, on a daily basis.

About me

My name is Zoran Savović and I am Mechanical Engineer since 1997, graduated with Master degree at Department for hydro-pneumatics, web designer, web master and Java developer since 2000, certified Oracle associate, Java SE7 programmer since 2013.

Currently I'm working as Head Engineer in local Oil company in department responsible for operation and maintenance of Corporate business facilities.